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Santee National Wildlife Refuge 2016
Family, Friends & Kids

The Santee NWR will be hosting special quota deer hunts on the Bluff Unit this fall. These hunts, known as Family, Friends, and Kids hunts, are designed to encourage adults to share an outdoor experience with kids by bringing a child hunting with them. The hunts will take place in the afternoon only and up to 15 applicants will be randomly selected for each hunt date. To be eligible, each hunting party must include a youth (17 years of age or younger) and an adult at least 21 years old with a valid South Carolina hunting license. These hunts require prospective hunters to fill out a hunt application. Applications must be submitted by September 11, 2016. Any hunter applying multiple times will be disqualified from the drawing.

Preference Points Hunters will now have the opportunity to gain preference points in the draw. Each time you apply and are not drawn for a permit you will receive one preference point. Groups of individuals with the highest average preference points will be drawn first, groups and individuals with the next highest will be drawn second, etc. until all permits are filled. After you are drawn for a quota hunt permit, your preference points equal zero. The preference points for a hunt party will be determined by taking an average of all the hunters in the party. When applying, hunters will need to use the same name as it appears on their driver's license. To recognize your preference point, you will need to apply with your name exactly the same way it was entered in previous years. If your official name changes, please contact the refuge office.

Once the drawing is complete, you will be able to view your drawing status as well as find and print your permit using the Permit Lookup Tool.

The following rules apply for the Family, Friends, and Kids hunt:
    • Eligible hunting parties must include one adult 21 years of age or older   who is licensed to hunt in South Carolina and one youth 17 years of age or younger.
      • For the youth to harvest a deer, they must be between 10-17 years of age, have a valid hunter education certificate, and be accompanied by a licensed adult.
        • Youth ages 16 or 17 must be properly licensed to hunt in South Carolina.
          • Children under 10 years of age or youth without a valid hunter education certificate are still welcome to participate, but will not be allowed to carry or discharge a firearm or harvest deer.
            • Adults must have their hunting license in their possession while hunting. Youth ages 16 or 17 must also have a hunting license in their possession if they are carrying a firearm or hunting. Youth under 16 years of age who are hunting must have their Hunter Education certificate in their possession while hunting on the Refuge. Youth who are not carrying firearms or hunting do not need a hunting license or Hunter Education certificate.
              • Both the adult and youth may carry a firearm and harvest deer if they meet the requirements above.
                • Bucks & does are allowed to be harvested. There are no antler restrictions on bucks and the Refuge will provide doe tags free of charge.
                  • Hunters are permitted to take feral hogs as an incidental take during this hunt as long as they meet the requirements to hunt deer above.

                  Further information can be found on the Santee National Wildlife Refuge Hunting webpage.

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Lottery Applications
Family Friends and Kids Bluff Deer Hunt Application $5.00 Lottery Closed for the Season